Coverages that manufacturers need most.

We provide manufacturers with a range of essential coverages. Property and general liability coverage highlights for eligible and qualified insureds include:

Contractual penalties
Delays in a project can lead to penalties imposed by the terms of a written contract with a customer. We provide coverage for certain penalties the insured incurs due to a covered cause of loss.

Dependent property time element coverage (Contingent Business Interruption)
We offer coverage for loss of income resulting from direct loss to properties not owned or operated by the insured, but that are operated by others upon whom the insured depends on for business.

Accidental marring or scratching of molds, dyes, patterns or plates

Provides coverage for marring and scratching of those types of properties — their own and others in their care, custody, or control. Unique and expensive manufacturing property in the care, custody or control of the insured, if damaged, can be extremely costly. We can provide coverage for
marring and scratching of these types of properties.

Estates, legal representatives and spouses
For middle market, privately-held manufacturing companies, this is a very useful general liability enhancement. The estates, heirs, legal representatives and spouses of any natural person insured are also considered insureds for claims arising out of their status as such.

Product Recall Expense Coverage
Few events can damage brand integrity or challenge long-term success more than a product recall. We offer an extensive Product Recall Expense Coverage endorsement with first and third party options, to help manage the financial impact that may ensue.

Crisis Management

We now offer crisis management coverage designed to help manufacturers manage the negative media repercussions that arise from third party allegations that a product contains a defect, deficiency or inadequacy.

Additional coverage from a carrier you can trust.

• Cyber Liability
• Property and General Liability
• Inland Marine
• Commercial Automobile
• Crime
• Fidelity Bonds
• Fiduciary Liability
• International Exposures
• Manufacturer’s Errors & Omissions
• Employment Practices Liability
• Limited Pollution Liability
• Equipment Breakdown
• Ocean Cargo
• Boiler & Machinery
• Employment Related Practices
• Workers’ Compensation
• Umbrella
• Ocean Marine and Cargo
• Directors & Officers (D&O)

We also provide several broadened property and general liability coverages that are vital to the continued operation of any manufacturing business.
Here are a few examples:

• Brands and Labels Coverage — protection to pay for costs associated with removal of brands and labels in order to salvage and/or resell merchandise after a covered loss
• Business Interruption — protection designed to get your company back in business and operating at pre-loss levels as soon as possible. Reimbursement for reduction in income and extra expenses incurred because of the loss is provided
• Machinery and Equipment Breakdown — coverage for the sudden and accidental breakdown of pressure, mechanical and electrical equipment
• Transit Coverage — protection for property in transit, including property in the custody of a salesperson and goods shipped by water, land or air
• Money and Securities (without a sub-limit) — broad protection for money and securities with coverage automatically included up to the Business Personal Property Limits selected on the policy